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Based in Abu Dhabi and Headquartered in EsadeCreapolis, Barcelona, Black Capital is a first-in-class consultancy firm offering tailor made services on technology transfer and international investments.

EsadeCreapolis provides several pools of new technologies through its links with well-established European companies and Tech Parks.

Our main focus being on the formation of new business partnerships between the Middle East and Europe, offering unique consultancy services, business development opportunities and capital raising alternatives.

Our success is determined by our team’s expertise in Middle East’s business practices, legal structures, financial markets, political environment, cultural traditions and religious considerations.

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Black Capital is focused on delivering TechTransfer to Middle East companies in the following key sectors:


  • Water Treatment and Desalination
  • Renewable Energies
  • Carbon Credits
  • Waste Management


  • Business & Scientific parks
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Civil Construction


  • Healthcare Consultancy
  • Hospital Technology
  • Biotech
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Black Capital is supported by the following principles:

  • Profound local knowledge of the Middle East and European regions
  • Top-level professional and personal relationships
  • Mutual credibility and trust
  • Extensive network in the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Discretion, speed and transparency
  • Proven track record of success for the team
  • Permanent presence in the Middle East and Europe
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Black Capital has first hand knowledge in the following markets:

Main markets

  • Europe - SPAIN

Secondary markets

  • Americas - BRAZIL, USA, MEXICO
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The portfolio of professional contacts and clients of Black Capital includes:

  • Public and private companies
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Private and family funds
  • Wealthy individuals
  • Local institutions
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Black Capital offers a series of consultancy services that are made possible through the specific local and sector knowledge of our team; defining and supporting the best strategy for our clients in terms of entering the Middle East or Europe, by means of acquisitions, partnerships or joint ventures.

  • Analysis and recommendation of target countries and markets for expansion
  • Identification and due diligence of Region and Western or ME joint venture partners
  • Advising on conformity with local custom, business and legal requirements


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Business development

We take our clients one step further from consultancy and accompany them through the business expansion process; from seeking the best business opportunities to the presentation of potential partners and clients from among our exclusive portfolio of contacts. Our goal is to support and enhance our clients’ strategy in the Middle East or Europe.

  • Structuring and negotiating joint ventures and technology transfers
  • Finding and advising on ME and Europe merger and acquisition targets
  • Facilitating the commencement of operations in various Region localities
  • Identifying, vetting and developing viable projects for ME investors with Western techs


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Capital raising

Through a detailed and extensive knowledge of the portfolios of our clients in the Middle East, whether they be financial institutions or private and sovereign wealth funds, Black Capital designs and executes tailored solutions for your capital needs.

  • Raising capital services
  • Financial restructurings
  • Alignment of debt, equity, and project finance sources of capital


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The “black” portfolio

The current portfolio of Black Capital includes:

  • Advisory investment services for an Abu Dhabi royal group of companies
  • Business Development in the GCC for a water treatment technology company
  • Fund raising for a European nanotech water treatment technology company
  • Business Development in the UAE for a European Waste Treatment Company

We can provide the names upon request.

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Black Bapital

The executive team of Black Capital is based in Barcelona, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Black Capital has collectively over 80 years of experience in the GCC and European markets with each member of the team specializing in key sectors ranging from but not limited to Investment Banking, Strategic Consultancy, Renewable Energy, IT, Real Estate and Healthcare.

The management team of Black Capital consists of:

Xavier, Europe Director

Xavier has 10 years of experience in international business, strategic consultancy and business management.

His professional career has enabled him to gain knowledge in a multitude of sectors; Defined the strategic plan in the automotive sector for the Spanish Government, managing an extensive real estate portfolio in Spain and Eastern Europe, a key driver in business development for a division of Whirlpool Europe in emerging markets.

Currently the CEO of Englobagrup; a business group with a presence in Real Estate, Entertainment, Renewable Energies, Administrative Concessions and International Investment Consultancy.

Degree & MBA in Business Management, ESADE (Barcelona)
Professional Experience:
CEO of Englobagrup (Present), Consultant with Horvath&Partners, Whirlpool Europe and e-La Caixa
Experience in the following sectors:
Real Estate, Construction, Automotive, Electrical Appliances, Entertainment, Consultancy, Renewable Energies
International Contacts:
Focused on Europe and Latin America, as well as the Middle East
Based in:
Barcelona / Dubai / Abu Dhabi
Europe Director
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Kamran Saddique, Middle East Director
Kamran has 10 years of experience in investment banking, telecommunications consultancy and the media. He has worked in the United Kingdom with Sun Microsystems and Citi Smith Barney. He currently resides in Abu Dhabi and is the Vice-President of Convergence Capital (Dubai) for which he is working on three investment funds in Alternative Energies, Media and Technology Transfer from the USA to the Middle East. He has previously lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt, as well as the United Kingdom.
IT Engineering and International Finance from Aston Business School (London)
Professional Experience:
Vice-President of Convergence Capital, CEO at Wall Street Market Research, Sun Microsystems, Citibank
Experience in the following sectors:
Energy, Real Estate, Telecommunications, Banking, Media, Consultancy
International Contacts:
Specialised in the Middle East
Based in:
Abu Dhabi / Dubai / Riyadh
Middle East Director
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Chris Eddy, Non-Executive Director
Chris has over 25 years of international experience in investment banking and an extensive track record of success in corporate transactions. He is currently Joint Managing Director of Convergence Capital (Dubai); the first company to close a deal between an Australian client and the Dubai Islamic Bank under the Shariah-compliant banking rules for a value of 2 billion $AUD. Furthermore, he has also closed deals in the following sectors: Banking, Oil & Gas, Communications, Media, Telecommunications, Aeronautics, Production & Distribution of Biofuels. He is also sits on the Board of Directors of several companies in the Middle East, Asia and Australia.
University of Technology (Sydney)
Professional Experience:
Founder of Convergence Capital (Present)
Experience in the following sectors:
Oil, Alternative & Renewable Energies, Aeronautics, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Media, Real Estate
International Contacts:
Focused on Asia and Oceania, as well as the Middle East
Based in:
Dubai / Shanghai / Sydney
Non-Executive Director
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Av. de la Torre Blanca, 57
08173 Sant Cugat
Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 678 661 638
Fax: +34 97 327 55 30

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Abu Dhabi

C6 Tower Bainunah
St 34 Al Bateen
P.O. Box 113100
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Phone: +971 2 406 9411
Fax: +971 2 406 9810

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