Premian un estudio español centrado en las carreteras como fuente de energía


A Spanish research project showing that roads can be a source of energy won the 5th International Prize for Roadway Innovation.

‘Roads as Energetic Crops: Energy-producing roadways with piezoelectric devices’ is the title of a Spanish study which describes how to generate energy from vehicle traffic.

The goal of this work is to change and expand the focus of road network infrastructure toward the concept of active and smart infrastructure that can take advantage of the energy produced by moving traffic.

Treating this infrastructure as if it were a field capable of crop production, the study describes how roads can be equipped with a low voltage energy capture system that recovers the vibrational energy which is otherwise lost. In this manner roadways will no longer be merely support structures for moving traffic, and can also become an energy source for generating electricity.

This research was carried out by a team of technicians from diverse public and private entities specializing in roadway sustainability.

The prize was awarded by FAEC, the Spanish Road Association Foundation (Fundación de la Asociación Española de la Carretera). Over fifty technical studies were submitted in this contest from public and private organizations in Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Mexico.

The subjects receiving most attention from this research included materials for paving, traffic management systems, transport technology, construction equipment and techniques, and tools for improving traffic safety.