Aparca&Go is a startup that lets you reserve a parking space from your cellphone and save up to 40%


Aparca&Go is an app that lets users reserve parking spaces from their cellphones and save money.

Using this app is really easy. After you’ve downloaded it—available in iOS and Android—just give it permission to use your location. From then on the app shows you a real time map with the available public parking spaces nearby. If you want to look farther away all you have to do is write an address in the search bar at the top of the app.

Aparca&Go has been able to lower prices in a simple way: public parking lots have given the company access to spaces that are normally empty, so the company can fill them by offering economical rates. This makes economic sense for the parking lots and allows users to find prices that are up to 40% cheaper.

There are also advantages for companies. By charging customers directly on their cellphones, this startup firm provides users with monthly billing that makes it easier for employees to do their bookkeeping and hand in expense receipts.

Aparca&Go gives users a month-end bill which makes it easier for companies to reimburse their workers. The app groups together all of the payments made at different parking lots and produces a single bill at the end of every month.