Spain digitalizes ceramics manufacturing


KERAjet is the world leader in the manufacture of giant digital printers, with 55% market share and 14 patents to its credit. Its products have been emulated by other printer makers around the world. 64% of global ceramic production is now accomplished with digital technology, and soon this will rise to 90%.

In 2015, KERAjet will lead another revolution. In February the company will launch a new product to digitalize tile enameling—another part of the manufacturing process—in order to make tiles with a velvet or wood finish. The company’s aim is to digitalize all four processes in ceramics manufacturing at the same time that it diversifies its technology in order to offers products for sectors such as glassmaking and cardboard.

This technological leap forward by KERAjet has taken place in Spain’s tile manufacturing heartland, a 40 square kilometer area located in the eastern Spanish province of Castellón. 95% of the companies operating in the sector are located in that area.

This region has achieved a level of in-house technological development similar to that of Silicon Valley.

The company seeks to design new technologies and digitalize all aspects of ceramics manufacturing, at the same time that it expands into new sectors such as glassmaking and cardboard.