ACS is awarded a contract to build the first high speed train in the United States


The California high-speed rail is the most ambitious project in the US, with a budget of $40 billion.

The bidding group composed of Dragados and Flatiron, both from the ACS group, and Shimmick from the US has been awarded a construction contract for a portion of the high-speed rail line that will eventually connect Los Angeles and San Francisco, worth $1.2 billion. This will be the first high-speed rail service in the United States.

The segment awarded covers 65 miles, from Fresno to north of Bakersfield in the Central Valley. It includes 36 grade separations, including viaducts, underpasses and overpasses.

This is the second segment that’s been awarded under California’s high-speed rail project, which represents the first high-speed rail system to be built in the United States. It will connect population centers in California from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and later extend northward to Sacramento and further south to San Diego.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority, which is the state agency responsible for carrying out this project, believes that selecting this group to build the second stretch of the high-speed rail represents a milestone in the development of America’s first such rail system.

The rail connection from Los Angeles to San Francisco will allow passengers to travel between these two cities in less than three hours when it’s completed in 2029. ACS was selected after building a number of high profile stretches for Spain’s high-speed rail system, including the tunnel between Figueras and Perpignan that links Spain and France under the Pyrenees. ACS is currently involved in the construction of Saudi Arabia’s high-speed line between Mecca and Medina