Byom! launches WhatsApp for PCs


This Spanish company has created the PC version of WhatsApp, a widely used chatting service that is unique. It is expected to have great success with companies and their clients.

It’s easy to use: a company only has to register its telephone number on the platform’s webpage, and clients will thereafter be able to chat as if it were just another contact on WhatsApp.

The company using the service will receive alerts via email and on voice devices. They can answer from the PC itself, without needing to use a smartphone.

Byom!Conecta is designed for any type of business, in any sector. Speed is its main advantage. It allows clients to get answers rapidly, which helps make customer interactions more fluid and increase the chances of doing business.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular Smartphone applications and is among those with the highest number of users. It has over 350 million downloads. In Spain, 97% of all Smartphone users prefer to use this app instead of making a phone call or texting.