Fundación Parque Científico de Murcia


Technical information and/or Services: TECHNICAL INFORMATION >> The Cloister of the Park: – Incubation, Supercomputing Centre and Central Services 6.000 m² – Horizontal Services Building (in project) 5.000 m² >> Molina de Segura Enclave (developing): 45.000 m² >> Guadalupe Enclave (developing): 420.000m² SERVICES >> Supercomputing Centre: Murcia Supercomputing Centre wants to spread and to provide intensive calculation services, promoting R&D in public and private science community. Ben Arabí Supercomputer is in the Centre which is made up by: – 1 shared memory Superdome, which has 128 cores and 1.5 TB of DDR-2 main shared memory – 1 HPC cluster, wich comprises 102 calculation nodes which give a total of 816 cores and 1,3 TB RAM. – Infiniband High performance computing network which connects all the computing and storage nodes Supercomputing Centre offers the following services: High Performance Computing, Data Storage, Consultancy Services and Housing. >> Consultancy and projects and companies’ incubation The Foundation provides support to projects’ development and technological companies. For that, evaluation and supporting tools have been developed during its initial process. >> Catalog of knowledge The Foundation has made a catalog of knowledge with a search engine to make easier to the companies the access to technologies and knowledge which are offered by universities and innovation centres of the region.