Parque Científico Tecnológico de Gijón


Date of constitution: October 2000 Technical information and/or Services: TECHNICAL INFORMATION: >> Total Area: 217.000 m2. >> Area allowed for building: 55.000 m2. >> Recreational area: 100.000 m2. >> Service Roads: 23.870 m2. >> Plot size: 1.050 m2. SERVICES: COMMON SERVICES: – Free schedule (24 hours – 365 days) – Receiving urgent phone calls and phone messages – Mail delivery – Elevator – Rest and waiting areas, as well as lavatories – General lighting of common areas, – Cleaning and maintenance of these areas – Under floor heating – Garbage and paper/paperboard collection – Battery and toner cartridge collection – Services Assistant – Daytime vigilance and night patrols – Alarm and security systems, connected to C. R. A. ADVANCED SERVICES: – Advice for creating technology-based enterprises – Advice for the development of R&D and Innovation activities – Supporting the development of enterprise platforms for cooperation – Information on State aid – Supporting the internationalization of local enterprises – Financing Innovative projects through Venture Capital – Creating a knowledge community and business innovation – Collaboration with University and Technology Centres – Shares of popular science, technology and innovation, etc. MAIN SECTORS: >> Engineering, >> Advanced Business Services, >> Information and Communication Technologies, >> Energy