Parque Científico Tecnológico de la Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Date of constitution: November 2001 Technical information and/or Services: >> To promote adequate consolidation for Business incubator, R+D+R Center, university institute, research group and companies. >> To establish cooperation networks for knowledge and technology transference. >> To encourage enterprises creation. >> The Scientific and Technological Park is sub-divided over four areas: the main headquarters and four suboffices. – Main headquarters. Total surface: 15.000 square metres. It hosts the general services of the Park as well as a business center for innovative and technologically based businesses, investigation groups and advanced support services for R+D+i. At the same time, this area develops communication and information technology activities, industrial design and integrated manufacturing, thermodynamics, environmental sciences, water technologies and atmospheric pollution, among other fields. – Sea Area. Total surface: 13.077 square metres. It houses various research groups that have their headquarters there, above all, those devoted to biological oceanography, aquaculture, and applied algology. – Biomedicine and Biotechnology Area. Total surface: 10.000 square metres: It hosts various investigation groups dedicated to biomedicine and biotechnology. – Agrofishing Area: Total surface: 4000 m2. Hosts University Institute for Animal and Food Safety as well as an animal laboratory for R+D purposes. – Renewable Energies, Enviroment and Recycling Area. Total surface: 440.000 square metres.