Bahrain Technology Park (BTP)


The project will be financed by the Kuwait Finance House and will open new horizons for foreign investment. Enhancing and developing the skills of Bahrainis is the key objective of the park, in addition to providing a fertile hub for industries to further develop their products. A call centre may also be set up in the park as such type of centers are highly profitable for industries and are found all over the world. The private sector will benefit from this project as it aims to revitalize the role of the industries, especially the small and medium size ones. Investors will also be able to find in this hi-tech park a stable and highly developed environment to serve the growth of their industries.

Focus sectors

  • ICT
  • Health Care & Medicine

International Cooperation: UNIDO has been requested by the Ministry of Industry of Bahrain and the Kuwait Finance House to assist them in the business-planning phase of the Technology Park through the provision of advisory services. The project is aimed at further assisting the establishment of the Technology Park, which will contribute to the on-going efforts of the country to create export oriented technology based enterprises and help diversify the local economy from oil driven incomes. The final decision on the establishment of the technology park is to be based upon detailed analysis of the market/demand for technology park and its viability and sustainability.