Anboto wins the Innovate!2010 international prize for the best “startup” in the world


The Anboto Group received first place in the Innovate!100 startup of the year ranking for 2010, which identifies the companies with the highest technological potential in the world.

Anboto was chosen from among one hundred finalists, the majority from Europe and the United States. Organized by Guidewire Group, Innovate!100 is a global program to identify and promote high potential technology startups. Among the finalists were another eleven Spanish companies: Intelia Consultores, FonYou, , iFacturas, Innovalley, 3ScaleNetworks, Over The Top Games, Sentinel, SocialAnnex, Vanios and Bookioo.

Despite being only one year old, the Anboto Group is already a member of the Advisory Committee of the W3C consortium, which defines standards for the Web. Based in Bilbao, the company has a representative office in Boston (USA), at MIT’s facilities.

According to the prestigious technology consultant Gartner, Anboto’s technology is the world’s best in the field of computational semantics. This technology makes possible free, unguided dialogue between human beings and computers, allowing users to obtain information or purchase products and services with a much more natural interaction. The final objective of Anboto is to eliminate the communication barriers between man and machines, reducing the need for direct interaction with humans in tasks that are mechanical or repetitive.

The METALINGUA technology, internationally patented by the company, is the product of more than a decade of research and development in computational semantics. It allows the disambiguation of information using an innovative technique. Metalingua is able to identify the meaning of words based on the context in which they are used.