A system to prevent pedestrian accidents with electric vehicles


Applus+, a company specializing in vehicle inspection, testing and certification, has created an innovative developmental system that helps prevent pedestrian accidents with electric vehicles.

Many recent studies point out that the rapid growth in the number of both electric and hybrid vehicles in urban areas has led to an increase in the risk of pedestrian accidents, due to the fact that these vehicles do not produce engine noise.

The system promoted by Applus+ adds an adaptive, artificial sound to electric vehicles, to make them easily detectible by pedestrians and especially by the handicapped.

This project could help prevent up to 15% of the pedestrian accidents caused by these vehicles.

This technology could be installed immediately in the 25,000 electric vehicles which are made every month around the world.

A group of over 150 professionals from seven European countries participated in the eVADER program (Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection and Emergency Response). In addition to Spain, this group included the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Austria.