Twelve Spanish companies conquer Silicon Valley


A dozen Spanish startups have huddled recently in Silicon Valley with experts from some of the world’s best known companies such as eBay, Google and Eventbrite.

These twelve Spanish examples of entrepreneurship had the opportunity to present their projects to an audience of over 100 investors, business people and specialists in their fields. One example is the Spanish bitcoin technology firm Coinffeine.

Another participant, Conductr, is behind an application that lets people control music with only the touch of a finger. Thanks to this app the company was chosen as one of the most innovative startups at the SF MusicTech Summit.

Another platform receiving special recognition is Rubicon MD, which provides an interactive connection between doctors and patients. This company is one of 18 firms comprising the Harvard Medical School’s collaborative community.

Other firms also participating included Paythunder, Elesapiens, Pragsis and Empel.

In total twelve Spanish companies set out to conquer Silicon Valley thanks to the first immersion program organized by the Spain Tech Center. Well known companies in the sector such as eBay, Google and Eventbrite were included.