Spanish company ImasD launches the first customized tablet


Made to measure tablets are better than standard models. This is the philosophy behind Click ARM, the first tablet that can be 100% customized, from Madrid-based company ImasD. Production of this tablet, which will be made entirely in Spain, will begin in mid-2014.

Also collaborating in this ambitious project are several other Spanish engineering and technology companies. ImasD wants to bring the concept of clone computing to tablets, so that each client can choose the components that he or she wants to have on the computer in order to suit it to the needs of the individual.

This device is quite different from others. It is a pioneering system that represents a radical change in the tablet market, given that users—and not manufacturers—will now determine the product’s specifications.

Click ARM starts with a baseplate and lets users decide how much RAM and storage memory they want, which processor (the Samsung Exynos or Allwinner) and communications modules they prefer and then decide on screen resolution. In other words, starting with this baseplate and a 10.1 inch screen, the user can determine the device’s specifications, including the operating system and the number of megapixels for the camera.

Click ARM is compatible with all Linux-based operating systems (Ubuntu Touch, Android and Tizen). While production of the tablet won’t begin until May, you can already reserve one on the company’s website ( Samsung has also collaborated on the development of the device.